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Daiwa Prorex AGS BAIT 8´3 200g hyrräkelavapa

Daiwa Prorex AGS BAIT 8´3 200g hyrräkelavapa

Normaalihinta €279,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €279,00 EUR
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The baitcasting rod series from the Prorex predator range for anglers with highest demands – equipped with almost all highlights from modern Japanese DAIWA rod construction technology.

The Prorex AGS rods especially impress by their light weight, stiff and tight blanks and a sensitive tip action. The range of this exceptional series offers the matching rod type for almost every particular predator fishing technique. The SVF nanoplus material cares for lightweight blanks with optimal resilience. Thanks to the integration of nanoplus technology at the carbon fiber material the rods have become even more lightweight and strainable at the same time.

Nanoplus carbon impressively increases the rod´s sensitivity during fishing! The blank perfectly transmits every lure movement to the handle section and you feel even soft taps. The X45 blank construction reduces twisting during the cast and enables more accurate casts. An even action with an optimal bending curve under strain is guaranteed by the V-joint spigot joint. An additional highlight is the use of DAIWA`s exclusive AGS carbon fiber guides, which are markedly lighter compared to conventional guides and additionally optimize the rod’s action and sensitivity. Thus the rods react extremely quickly and feature almost no torque – very long and precise casts are the consequence. The exclusive Air Sensor reel seat features a very pleasant handling and contributes to permanent fishing fun.

The models up to 7'7'' are equipped with a shorter EVA handle and Air Sensor slim reel seat. The rods from 8' to 8'6'' are featured a longer EVA handles and 8'8'' MONSTER is equipped with longer EVA + longer fore grip. These handle designs improve the balance as well as the comfort during fishing with different lure types and techniques.
  • SVF Nanoplus carbon
  • X45 construction
  • V-Joint spigot
  • AGS guides
  • Split grip EVA handle
  • Daiwa AIRSENSOR reel seat
  • Hook keeper


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