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Daiwa Fuego LT UUTUUS!

Daiwa Fuego LT UUTUUS!

Normaalihinta €119,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €119,00 EUR
Alennusmyynti Loppuunmyyty
Sisältää veron. Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.
With Aidrive Design – increased strength and sensitivity!

The 23' Fuego combines components from the new Airdrive Design with LT elements and the Magsealed stucture.

The new Airdrive rotor leads to a weight reduction in the front unit of the reel and offers optimized balance for a decreased starting resistance. The low starting resistance leads to a better control at fishing, a higher sensitivity and an improved lure control.

The new Airdrive bail is more lightweight than before, ultimately tough and significantly decreases the threat of tanglings in combination with the new bail arm.

The powerful Tough Digigear works silky-smooth and is housed distortion-proof in the reel body made of Zaion V material.

The Magsealed design reliably prevents the intrusion of saltwater and dirt particles over the shaft and leads to a long lifespan.

The Twistbuster III design at the line roller is perfect for the use of braided lines: the braid doesn't get compressed during retrieving and less twist is the result.

The new ATD Type-L drag cares for an even and optimized line release under strain without high starting resistance.


Sizes 1000D, 2000D and 2500-XH are delivered with I-Shape handle knob. Sizes 2500D and 3000D-C feature a T-Shape handle knob. Sizes 4000D-C and 6000D feature a L-size T-Shape handle knob.

  • LT Light & Tough
  • AIRDRIVE BAIL (wire)
  • ZAION V body
  • LC-ABS Spool
  • ATD Type-L Drag
  • Tough Digigear (ZN)
  • Machine cut Screw-In Handle
  • Twist buster 3


Malli          Välitys    Laakerit     Siima         Paino    Jarru   Kahva

1000D    5,2:1/64cm   6       0,06/300m   175g    5kg    I-Shape

2000D   5,2:1/68cm     6       0,1/300m   195g     10kg   I-Shape

2500D   5,3:1/87cm     6      0,18/300m  195g   10kg    I-Shape

3000D-C  5.3:1/80cm  6      0,2/300m    205g    10kg   T-Shape

4000D-C  5,2:1/82cm   6     0,2/300m    230g     12kg  T-Shape

6000D    5,1:1/92cm    6      0,24/300m   315g   12 kg T-Shape



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